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You are so used to food;
Aren’t you?
Do you take it for granted?
Many people do?
It is so common;
Though hard for many to find.
As we see it on farms in abundance,
As we see it displayed in the market,
As we see it in restaurants;
As we see it in many places we go,
We tend to take it for granted;
But do you know?
Food is so powerful;
It gives life;
But also, it takes life;
Without food, there is no life;
But it is also the main reason
We fight and kill ourselves;
We want to have food to eat;
Since we need food to survive;
And so, we don’t want anyone
To stand on our way.
Some want more than they can eat,
Because greed eats them up inside.
They get their share
But still want to take
What should go to others;
And those who thus feel cheated
Fight for their right.
The greedy ones, however, will not
Let go;
And fighting becomes fierce;
Making food a reason to fight;
The cause of sadness
Instead of joy;
When greed kills justice;
And gives life to injustice;
Fighting and killing control the land;
When justice goes out through the door,
Peace follows through the window.
The two are identical twins;
Always together;
Injustice, fighting and killing
Are identical triplets;
You can’t differentiate them;
Always, like justice and peace,
They go together.



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