Getting Your Due

This is very challenging.

According To Hoyt


There is nothing so bad for you, and your prospects as being convinced you are owed everything.

I repeat because it might seem the strangest thing ever.  There is nothing worse for you, your work, your willingness to toil at education or getting proficient at your profession, your general character and your happiness in life as feeling you are owed a living or honors or whatever it is, by a world that has “done you wrong.”

Which is why the cult of victimhood gets on my nerves.

Perhaps it is that we’re so immersed in storytelling and most of it is very bad.  It’s easiest to get sympathy for a character at least in the beginning of a book if he’s “oppressed” or tortured, particularly if he seems gormless.

And bad story telling begets bad storytelling.  I became aware oh, ten years ago that my younger mentees had no idea…

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