SIWO Global News 4th October 2018 #170

Knowledge is Wealth

A Volcano Erupts After The Earthquake And An Apocalytic Tsunami

The volcano, Mount Spoutan on Sulawesi erupted and spewed lava with ash two miles into the sky, this about seven days after the 7.5 earthquake and 6 metre high tsunami brought devastation to everything on the island.  So far the number of lives claimed by the giant wave is about 4,400.  The struggle to rescue aid workers to reach the victims buried under loads of broken homes.  Those found dead have been buried in a mass grave, it least 600 people were injured, 4,800 have been forced from their homes.  Many people are fleeing Palu and it was reported that, 3000 residents were have flocked to the airport.

Australians And New Zealand Doctors Are To Help Tackle NHS Shortage

The NHS in an effort to fill in the gap caused by the shortage of family GPs is to recruit hundreds of British doctors who relocated in Australia.  They are going to be lured with a £18,500 handshake.  The recruitment drive is an attempt to target 2,000 foreign GPs by 2020/21, this is trying to emulate the success of London Ambulance Service.  The NHS has taken this step since it was reported that, vacancy rates were highest on record.  The loss to the NHS of more than 1,000 GPs in 2015, who cited “unmanageable” workloads and increasing demands from an increasing population that is presenting with an high volume of varied sicknesses.

Inspirational Story/Quote

“It Does Not Matter How Slowly You Go As Long As You Do Not Stop.”


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SIWO Reporter: Suanna Dziworshie

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