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We are on the move with SIWO Online Directory Referrals. It’s so thrilling.

  1. If we like to do things only the normal way, we will hardly innovate. What do you think? Think outside the box! Hahah! I came across 50 shades of Dave. It is, in Dave’s own words, “The story of a guy named Dave and how he deals with his abnormal life!” You will find a lot here to inspire you and encourage you. If you visit his blog, you will have much to take home like The longest Day.

2.  Kally has been blogging for many years. I met Kally a few years ago and we have journeyed together since then.  Kally has a great blog MiddleMe which gives career advice and helps you make career decisions and choices that will bring you the best reward. When I visited MiddleMe today, I got attracted by 7 tips to Make Your Content Go Viral. I must say it is worth reading. If you want to make  money with your website, Kally gives 10 Most Common Ways to Make Money with Your Website. I cannot encourage you enough to read these posts and many others on MiddleME.

3. Let me take you to “A place to search something like movie, anime, novel, manga, etc. reviews.” That is Crackdown Review. If you love to read reviews  Salaman al Farisi offers you quite a good repertory on his blog. English is not his main language (He hails from Bangladesh) and so it will be interesting to see the effort he makes to get his message across. It’s inspiring to find someone like him so determined to make it in a new language despite the challenges.  You can take a look at 

Movie – Moon [REVIEW] – The Last Place You’d Ever Expect To Find Yourself

Or, if you like, why not look at this one:

Movie – Rashomon [REVIEW] – The Husband, The Wife… Or The Bandit?

4.  Are you among those who feel victimized by the world or the people in your world? Read this very interesting and challenging post by Sarah A, Hoyt. The title is Getting Your Due. It’s a good read.

5. Story-telling can be very enjoyable. Some stories keep you really hooked and what is more, they have some big lessons. I came across The Caterpillar story told in Anita’s Images.  What a big lesson told in a very simple way, with the backing of beautiful pictures. Anita is a “Curious hobby photographer, from Sweden but living in Malta.” It doesn’t take anytime to read The Caterpillar Story, but you go away feeling really edified.

These are our five selected blogs for today. We hope you enjoyed reading this post. Please, visit these blogs and you will like it.

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