Are you fully ok with your path as is?

My Path

My Path

I dabbled and dabbled to Stand

Then started of

Crawling and Crawling

Before Walking and Walking

trying finding and finding

my own path

and not the path

traced for me by anyone but God

and when I started seeing and seeing

not with my eyes but with my soul

I saw a path different from theirs

whose vision near blurred my sight

what a head and heartache to have

trying to stay focused

and not ruin any chances

explaining without expecting

why a rugged not a tarred path

because that’s just the way of life

I am forever grateful and graceful

for all the awesome angels

I have met on my path

p.s: As we strive on to thrive in this march-past through life, we chart ourselves a path or follow that charted for us by others. Sometimes it’s a mix, sometimes we get overwhelmed and it’s like there is so much light or so maybe so little we can hardly see clearly. May we be inspired to keep marching, giving ourselves permission, until we are ok with the path we come to embrace as ours; and refusing to be held hostage by painful past or fearful future.


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