How did we get to this?

How did we get to
Where we are?
I am talking of our relationship;
Can you explain?
I must assure you
I am lost;
And dumbfounded;
If not shocked;
A relationship
So sweet; so romantic;
That soared so high,
To sink so low
To rock bottom;
Can you explain?
Were we not inseparable?
Didn’t we say we
Had never had it before?
Questions bombard my mind;
Unanswered questions;
Please, tell me;
I am anxious to know.
How did we get here?

love relationship


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  1. When communication breaks down and more important when as humans forget to put Christ in the center of all of our relationship especially in our marriage things can go haywire. I am married over twenty-six years now and I need to remember to put Christ in the center of all I do especially in my marriage. We invite Christ to the wedding, now we need to invite him into the marriage

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