SIWO Global News 6th October 2018 #172

Knowledge is Wealth

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Banksy’s painting ‘Girl With Balloon’ Shreds After Selling For Over $1 million

Sotheby’s Auction house sold the framed painting and suddenly an unusual mechanical sound was heard, and a movement of the painting was seen as it shredded. Banksy’s said he planned for this to happened, now the painting is said to be worth much more than before it was sold.  He had built a mechanical paper shredder into the frame bottom.

Last Conservative Party Conference before UK Leaves the EU

Birmingham is the city holding the last Conservative Party conference before UK leaves the EU and the infighting among the Cabinet members has astonished many in politics and the country at large.  The Tories have since the Brexit Referendum become consumed by the divisions, some think it has been interfering with doing the job of government and running the country.  The Brexiteers in the Cabinet who have jostled for the leadership position by addressing points like the Irish border.  This is one major area of challenge for Prime Minister Theresa May, and she is not getting agreement to her Chequers plans either from the EU leaders or the Cabinet.

Inspirational Story/Quote

“You Attract What You Are, Not What You  Want.  If You Want Great, Then Be Great.”


Content- Evening News     Motivationping,com

SIWO Reporter: Susanna Dziworshie

Be Careful   Be Joyful   Be Peaceful


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