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Welcome to your most exciting corner.  Meeting other bloggers, getting the best stuff on the web to give to you gives me so much joy; and I am delighted you are making the most of my effort. I am very convinced you can gain tremendously from this corner. Let’s get going:



  1. One of my favourite storytellers on the web is Laleh Chini. Her blog is voice from Iran.  Laleh Chini is an amazing woman who loves her country with all her heart. She has very interesting stories on her blog. Destiny is a story that thrills all readers because of the big lesson it teaches. I also enjoyed A Mother’s Impact. In fact, you will enjoy a lot of stories on A Voice from IRAN.  



2. I read an amazing post today titled How to acquire any New skill in 20 Hours or Less. I must say I was thrilled. I am not only recommending this to you but determined to apply the knowledge gained from this post. I believe in this New YORK times Best Selling Author, Ramit SETHI whose wonderful site I will Teach you to be rich is read by millions of people to get their lives transformed. In How to Acquire any New Skill in 20 Hours or Less, he makes us meet another guru, Josh Kaufman. When you finish reading this post, You will thank God for discovering it. You may even learn about your earning potential which can enable you to start making more money within a very short time.

(*Note!!! We have not been paid to make this write up. We are motivated solely by our desire to help our readers realize their dreams).
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3. Are you a newbie in blogging? You will grow if you don’t give up, provided you keep working hard, learning and improving. There are certain mistakes you should make sure you don’t make. Lindsay KOLOWICH gives

13 Blogging Mistakes Most Beginner Bloggers Make

Lindsay is doing great to help marketers. She has done a great job and I think it will help many older bloggers as well.

4. Let us visit the world of inspirational stories. You may be an ‘inspirer’ but it is also good to read inspiring stories that others share. Have you heard of Aleteia? I recommend to you her 10 Inspirational people with Down syndrome who smashed records and expectations

You will find lots of other inspiring stories on this site like

The miracle quadruplets who almost weren’t are starting preschool

Please, read, enjoy and be edified.

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5. We get into the world of writing. Do you want to write? To do Freelance writing? Earn some money from writing? First, I would like you to meet Esther Chilton. If you are struggling with your short story, Esther will help you. She can help you know which market to target.  You may be interested in Markets for Writers. If you like to get published, you may want to get to the Writers’ Bureau where Esther is a tutor.

This is what we have for you from our Directory today. It was with a lot of love and real joy that I put this together for you. I really hope you get the most out of it. Your greatness in life is the reason we are here.

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