What do you do if you are lost?

What do you do if you are
Have you ever been lost
And looked for help?
It is normal;
If you are completely lost,
And are looking for help;
It is very normal;
Everyday, people get lost
In the heart of what
They are doing;
And many don’t know what
To do.
But you must stay strong;
Don’t panic else you sink
Deeper than before;
You need a cool head
To think well of what to do.
Never forget;
Every dark night is moving
Towards daylight;
If you are lost,
There is a solution waiting
For you;
Wear your thinking cap,
And never forget,
There is always help;
Seek the help of those who
Can help if you are lost,
And can’t find help
From fellow humans,
Turn to the Almighty
Who has all the wisdom;
He knows it all;
He is wisdom itself;
Nothing can be above him.
He will rescue you.

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