Are we aware?

Are we aware
Of what we are doing
To each other?
Are we aware
That we are gradually
Wiping out
The human race?
Are we aware
Of the killings going on?
Are we aware
Of how much our people
Are suffering?
Are we aware
That parents are being
Killed and their children
Abandoned to themselves
As orphans?
Are we aware
Of the way we are tearing
Hearts apart?
Are we aware?
Are we really aware?
That we are slowly
Destroying our own world?
I don’t think we are aware;
We are not aware;
We are blind;
We have eyes
But we don’t see;
We have eyes,
But we are blind;
We better see;
We better be aware.
We better examine ourselves;
Examine our conscious;
We seem blank;
We definitely are blind;
We are not aware.


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