Learning Series 19 : EARTH, OUR HOME

In continuation with my Learning Series; adapted from a motivating and inspiring write-up which I felt would be very useful for both students and the Society as a whole with day – to – day instances, to encourage positive thinking  and improve efficiency !!

EARTH, OUR HOME !  (LET’S KEEP IT CLEAN…)  Our life is dependent on the well being of the Earth.  But in the name of  modern advancement we are causing a lot of damage to it. Learn to care for our home, this EARTH !


These days everybody is talking about hot skin-searing summers, cold biting winters, sudden floods, untimely cyclones and they say that these are the result of global warming,  a man- made disaster!

What a sad plight we are in! What are we doing  to our planet? What are we doing to our HOME? What will we give to our future?


There was once a little grey planet that was very sad. The people living there had contaminated the whole countryside so much with rubbish and pollution that there were no plants or animals left. One day, a little boy walking on the planet, noticed a small red flower inside a cave. The flower was almost dying – so the boy carefully dug up the flower, with roots, soil and everything. He searched all over the planet, but everywhere it was so contaminated that there was no place the flower could possibly live in. Then he looked up at the sky and noticed the moon. It seemed to the boy that maybe the plant could survive there. So the little boy put on his astronaut suit, and climbed into a space ship. He put the little red flower in the back, and off they went to the moon. Far away from all that the flower started to grow. The flower was so well cared for, that it had soon germinated, giving birth to others, and these other flowers spread onto other flowers. Before long, the whole moon was completely covered with flowers. That’s why, whenever the little boy’s flowers open up, for a few minutes the moon takes on a soft red sheen, like a warning light. Maybe it’s telling us that if you don’t look after your planet, a day will come when flowers will only be able to grow on the moon.

Time to wake up…Time to THINK  !    Be truthful in your answer choices…
1. What do you do when you see a tap at a public place turned on and water leaking?
a. Ask someone to turn off the tap
b. Turn of the tap yourself
c. Complain to the authorities about wastage of water
2. What will you do if you are asked to participate in a ‘no garbage on the roads’ drive?
a. Participate actively
b. Participate because others are doing so
c. Participate and not do anything
3. Where will you start keeping things clean?
a. Outside the house first
b. On the public roads first
c. At home first
4. What will you do if there are chocolate wrappers lying all over the floor in your classroom?
a. Ask the sweeper to clean the classroom
b. Complain to your class teacher about the room
c. Pick up the wrappers and put it in the dust bin

Observe the pictures below and see how our  home the earth is burdened.




Watch out against…?




What do we do now?
• Plant more saplings …more greenery
• Car- pool… lesser fuel use…lesser pollution
• Segregate wet and dry waste


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