Do not accept

Do not accept to be waved aside;
Do not accept to be dismissed
so easily by anybody,
As if you did not matter;
Do not accept any shabby treatment
From any individual;
Refuse it;
Say a vehement no to it;
Why should they wave you aside?
Who has a right to downplay you?
Do not accept it;
Refuse it;
And stand firm;
If someone thinks they can run you down,
Or discourage you,
Or put down your spirits,
Tell them they are mistaken;
And stand your ground.
You are the work of God’s mighty hands;
Perfectly made
To be the best
And stand the test of times;
No one has a right to look down on you.
No one has a right to stop you
From becoming the besy version of you
As designed by He who created you;
Do not accept to be waved aside.



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