Stop looking at my age

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Are you looking at my age,
And drawing a conclusion
About what you think I can do
And what you think I cannot do?
You may be right
And you may also be wrong;
What I can say is
Stop looking at my age
And drawing conclusions;
My age may mislead you;
Look at my determination
Not my age;
Look at my resolve;
This goes for everybody;
Age can be deceitful
If you are stronly resolved;
And you are determined enough,
There is nothing you cannot do;
Haven’t you seen people
Doing thngs
When they are
Already very advanced in age?
And haven’t you seen
Very young people
Doing marvels?
Age is not what matters;
It is courage, the reslve,
The determination and the faith.
My age has nothing to do
With what I want to accomplish.
Whether young or old,
I am determined to accomplish
What I have set my mind on.
So, please,
Stop looking at my age.


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