You are one in a million

You are one in a million.
You are unique;
Did you know that?
There is none exactly
Like you;
And none will ever be;
God created you unique;
And gave you all you need
To make it in the world,
In a big way;
You are unique;.
You have space that is yours,
And yours alone;
Nobody has a right
Over your space but you;
You have work to do here
That only you can do;
And only you will do;
No one will ever play
Your role;
Each plays only their role.
You are unique;
One in a billion;
The only version of you
In the world.
How nice to know God
Made you unique,
And special.
You are a great creation
If Almighty God.
Be careful not to downplay
Or sell yourself short;
You are a finished product
Of Gods divine hands.
You are unique;
You are special;
You are great.


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