SIWO Global News 8th October 2018 #174

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Warning From Tory Brexiteers For Theresa May

The warning Tory Brexiteers have for Prime Minister is not to seek a deal that still keeps the Britain tied to the European Union.  The help the top eurosceptics  in the party are prepared to give her is to agree to a compromise of having the EU officials based at the UK  ports to check cross-border cargos and in turn if a looser trade deal in the Chequers plan the PM presents to the EU.  This plan is supported by leading Brexiteers like Rees-Moog and Iain Duncan-Smith.  Even the Pro- Brexit  MPs are playing a tough line of possibly pulling the rug from under Theresa May’s by not supporting her in key non-Brexit votes

The Cost To The Environment OF Cheaper Fashion Clothing

The consumer is being presented with cheaper clothing to satisfy their addiction of buy, buy, buy and the companies are finding ways to produce them at a cost that is toxic to the environment.  The journalist Stacey Dooley travelled to a number of countries to uncover the damage being done by toxic chemicals released by the garment industry, these pollute which supply millions of people with the water they need. Cotton is the product grown to produce these garments.

The Aral Sea is a large body of fresh water and over the years this has gone dry, the local have lost their livelihood of fishing and poverty is now the bain of their lives.  The action of creating a dam in another part of the water flow to the freshwater sea further up has resulted in the gradual recovery of that section of the sea.

Inspirational Story/Quote

“Keep Your Face Always Toward The Sunshine- And Shadows Will Fall Behind You.”


Walter Whitman


Content- BBC News

SIWO Reporter: Susanna Dziworshie

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