Time changes hearts

How time changes hearts!
Your heart is now
A different thing;
Not the milky way I know;
When we were in love,
Everything I did was right,
And also nice, it was;
That was what you told me;
You called me the best man
You ever met;
That made me feel on top
Of the world;
And you were my sunlight;
You thought of me always;
Now that we are
Where we are,
Nothing I do is right;
Nothing about me again
Is nice;
All I do is wrong;
And I am no longer
As sweet as honey;
But as bitter
As bitter leaf;
The things I did
And passed for a saint,
Are the same things
I do now
And pass for the devil’s
It’s beyond imagination
How time changes hearts;
Your heart was soft,
Sweet and nice;
Time has made it hard
And bitter.
Can’t time again work
Its miracle?
And reverse the situation?
We are at the end
Of the rope of our love,
Can’t the return journey
To take us back to where
We are coming from?
That is the question
I pose to you.
Can’t what is dead
Like the messiah resurrect?
Can’t time do it again? We just ended the first half of the match, with no goal scored;
We cannot call it
The end of the match;
It’s not full time yet.

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