Proverbs 10 min. Challenge (Proverbs 10)


Proverbs 10 is a great resource for life. It is for the whole body. Our personal body and the body of Christ. It gives action and their consequences. If we are wise we will learn from it, heed it’s warnings, live by it’s advice and reap it’s rewards.

I almost went mad deciding how to approach it in ten minutes. Every verse deserves a book. So since I have trouble with running off at the mouth, being female for starters and wordsy to boot, I thought I’d capture the essence of the verses about the mouth and the lips because I need them.

Whenever I read Proverbs, I come up with so many questions. Hard questions that I need to ask myself and answer honestly if I am to grow in character and godliness. So I thought today I’d record the “lips” verses here and ask myself & you…

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