Some acts of goodness for you…

Hi friends,

How are you all doing?  I am doing good.  I am enjoying all the love you are showing to my previous two posts and I hope to be able to make small difference in your life with my writings.

When I started my blog in 2015 I was sure that I  wanted it to be filled with positive things.  I had started noticing lot of goodness around me and wanted to write about them.  So I began writing about small acts of goodness done by me and people around me.  Those were small acts that mostly went unnoticed or unappreciated.

I believe that any good done – big or small is of the same value as it is done with the purest of intentions and it spreads a lot of happiness.

For the first time, this month I did a series on my blog about random acts of goodness done by my readers and my friends.  I did this series during the nine days of Navratri followed by the tenth day of Dussehra (this day depicts the victory of good over evil).  I thought it was the best time to inculcate good feelings and appreciate all the goodness around us.

I am sharing the link of all my ten posts here. If any of them interests  you, please go ahead and read them.  I assure you that by the end of the post, you will be charged up with lots of positivity and you will learn to appreciate yourself and others for all the good things done.

NS 1 – A wooden temple – My friend, Gargi received a gift from her aunt.  What is so special about it? Read about it in the link.

NS 2 – Spreading awareness – A group of friends come together to spread awareness. Youth spirit! (I dunno whether such a term exists) Do read the story here:

NS 3 – A cup of tea – Have you ever been offered a cup of tea at an interview? Read the story here:

NS 4 – Helping elders – Helping elders will make you feel useful. Do you agree? Read the story:

NS 5 – Universe in the form of human – A help when most needed becomes life changing! Do check out the story here:

NS 6 – Care packages from a young girl – A young girl gives care packages to other children. But it is no small thing. Check out why.

NS 7 – Diverting a conversation – Can you change the course of a conversation if you do not feel good about it? Read it here:

NS 8 – An honest commitment – Should you get angry if somebody is late or should you appreciate the commitment of the person? Read the story here:

NS 9 – Postcards of Bali – Do you feel happy when you see a happy child? We felt the same.  Sharing the story here:

NS 10 – Humbleness – There is good in everybody.  Look for it to see it. A wonderful story sent by my friend is linked here:

I hope you all enjoyed the posts. They have helped me become more positive and helped me become a calm person.  These stories have had a soothing effect on me.  I learnt to appreciate the good done by others as well as by me.

These stories are an encouragement for you to look for and appreciate acts of goodness done by you and others.  The more you see good, the more good will show up.

Do let me know if  the stories changed you in any way or not.



Good and evil Life


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I started this blog in 2015.  I began my journey of learning and growing much before that.  There were many experiences - good and bad.  These experiences taught me so much about life and living.  Even now I am in the process of exploring and learning many new things and making myself better with each passing day.  All this was not easy  for me as I didn't fit the usual race and was far behind my peers. Like me, I am sure many have similar experiences.  I want to reach out to those people and tell them that everything will eventually fall in place, they just need to hang in there with full faith on themselves.
This blog will have a variety of topics because I want to write about everything that I learn and experience.

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