I thought I was done with you

woman and man holding hands while walking between rock formation

Photo by Luis Quintero on Pexels.com

I thought I was done with you;
That is why I heaved such a sigh
Of relief;
How mistaken I am!
Your beautiful words again
Have mercilessly pierced my heart
With love;
Leaving me totally defenceless;
Why are you so irresistible?
What is this charm in you
That holds me captive to you?
Each time you extend a hand
Of love to me,
I find myself skipping excitedly
Like a little school kid
To grab it
As if it were a gold medal
I had won in the championship
Of the season.
Yet, it doesn’t take you long
To dump me on snow;
Tell me the magic spell that
You have to win my heart.
Can I have it too?
So I can pour on you and make you
Prisoner of my heart for ever?


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