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close-up-composition-desk-372749Hello and welcome! It is our joy to have you here. Today, we recommend some great posts to you. One good post can change your life for the better; and that is our dream for you. Let’s go:

  1. If you have read Proverbs 10 minutes challenge, fine. If you haven’t, I recommend it to you.This post by Lauren Macdonald    in God Help Me caught my attention because of what it says about the words we use when we speak. I find it very enriching and will help us in our speech to others. Words have the power to attract or repel our good. Read Proverbs 10 minutes challenge and see how words can be used to bring us blessings.
  2. Do you know the best way to make money online? Many people like to make money online but do not know how. And if you are like me, when you hear about makng money online you become skeptical. Take a look at What is the best way to make money online? I came across this article in which Quora       handles the question very well, while searching for ways to make money online. I must tell you it cleared all the doubts in my mind on the subject. I advice you to read it if you want to be know how to make clean money online.
  3. You undoubtedly know the value of books. A good book can transform your life. They have ttransformed the lives of many.  If you are looking for a good book to change your life, I am quick to recommend to you The Ultimate Success Guide by leading experts from around the world.
  4. You need Quiet Moments with God, don’t you? On her blog, Eileen offers us the opportunity to have quiet moments with God.  Her posts are short but powerful. An example is It doesn’t hurt to ask .  Pure Glory is another place  where you find peace with God.  The most recent thing I read before writingnthis article is by Hazel Straub titled Rest and Praise God.  Read it get close to God. It has amazing rewards.
  5. You like some encouragement? You have A  Quick Word of Encouragement waiting for you on The Journey of Ascent. Chris Darling says you don’t have to be held back by your own doubts and fears.

I hope you enjoyed this post and will enjoy and find it beneficial as usual. Your success is our mission. Your happiness is our joy. When your life shines, our heart shines with joy.  Thank you for offering us the joy of contributing to your happiness.

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