SIWO Global News 10th October 2018 #176

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Young Scientists In Netherlands Help Paralysed Woman To Walk

The powered exoskeleton trousers invented by the young scientists in the Netherlands gives hope for increased mobility to others who are injured and disabled.  The person who first tried the invention as a pilot was Sjaan Quirijns, she was paralysed from the waist down.  Now she can walk 30 minutes at a time.  The invention is a project called Project March, with a 20-strong  team of electric engineers, technical engineers and industrial designers from the Delft University of Technology.  In her 3D-printed plastic exoskeleton suit Ms Quirijns won the Cybathlon Experience European assistive tech design competition.  This is a timed obstacle run that mimics daily challenges, these are a slope, stairs and getting up from a chair unaided in under 10 minutes.

The way the suit works is multi-faceted, the suit’s pilot uses smart crutches to balance and tell the system where they want to go, there is a ‘master computer’ in the back-pack and this is the suit’s brain.  The brain sends electronic pulses to the piston powered  knee-joints.  Ms Quirijns  has abdominal plates and back support.  She trained for two to three times a week for three months and now she can walk.  The suit carries its own weight and runs on battery.  The new generation of students to the University will continue on with the invention

Inspirational Story/Quote

“I Have Not Failed. I Have Just Found 10,000 Ways That Don’t Work.”

By Thomas Edison


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SIWO Reporter: Susanna Dziworshie

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