The truly great are…

The greatest, the most humble;
What we all trample on
Is the greatest of all we have;
And that is the land;
We trample on it daily, don’t we?
Yet, show me one thing that is
More powerful than the land;
We come from the land;
Sit on the land,
Trample on the land,
Exploit the land,
Yet, our very survival depends
On what the land produces;
So low, yet so great;
What about the ocean?
It lies so low;
Into it all the rivers
And the seas empty their content;
But which of them is greatest?
The one that lies so low;
The ocean;
Even the sun, moon and stars
That soar so high,
Always humbly come down to us;
To serve us;
Humility is the greatest virtue;
The truly great are humble.
Be humble, if you aren’t already.


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