Early in the morning

Early in the morning,
In the early hours
Of the day,
I recommend to you,
To do well
To start your day;
That is
You start your day
On a good footing;
A sign so positive
You know
Where you want to go;
You are confident
Of where you want
To go,
Above all,
You are determined;
You strongly want
To get to
Your destination.
Jump briskly out of bed;
And briskly get on board
Your day’s train;
The day, in open arms,
Awaits you;
Full of the beautiful
And the ugly;
Both beckoning at you;
Bracing to grip you
If, the least sign
Of consent you make.
Will you thus,
Start early?
You enhance your chance
To arrive early.
A strategy so full
Of wisdom.
Can only come
From someone who is
Bound to win.
That is the winners’ way;
An attitude
The winners jealously guard.


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