So far, have you ever met any bad boys?

The following poem is curiously one of my best poems lol. I have met quite a good number of ‘bad boys’  – I mean according to ‘conventional’ standards. But for me an unconventional lady, it’s been one thrilling experience after the other. Maybe it isn’t really the boys who are bad but the way we look at and treat them which is bad? Maybe, they have done something bad, and that is what see and are quick to qualify them as bad? And now you yourself, are you a bad person?

The Bad Boys

Have you ever known any?

When you see them you just know right?

Can any good ever come out of them?

When all you ever hear, read or write about them is bad?

Could they really be born of a woman too?

I have known quiet a few Can’t tell how bad they were Can’t …

Continue reading please, hope we are inspired and motivated at the start of a new week, to work on our perspectives and ‘judgments’

While at it, for those who want to step it to MJ’s epic…


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