Which is better?

Which is better? To be brilliant in school, come out top of your class, and later become a University Don, and live a financially average life, or to be a drop out, later get into business and become financially giant with no learning.


4 thoughts on “Which is better?

  1. It’s often hard for people to commit to a degree when they’re not sure of what they want to do. It’s also not worth doing something you aren’t passionate about. I feel you should find your passion, work hard at it and believe in yourself enough to make it work for you. Success comes in all shapes and sizes but ultimately it is defined by your level of happiness and contentment with your life. Essentially, do what you love 😊

  2. The best is to know who you are, what job or training best suits you and your personality and enjoy the journey. Life is so much more than a paycheck. It is doing what you were created for and not trying to please others.

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