SIWO Global News 12th October 2018 #179

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Zimbabwe Faces Food Shortage- KFC Has No Chicken

A number of leading fast-food chains in Zimbabwe have had to close their doors because of the cash shortage in the country.  It is just a few months since President Emerson Mnangawa was sworn in.  KFC has informed all it’s branches in the capital Harare, and the second city Bulawayo.  Zimbabwe has been using foreign currency in since 2009 when it gave up its own currency.  Some pharmacies are shut, retail outlets are running out of essential goods because suppliers cannot be paid as no US dollars are available.  The Zimbabwean government introduced a version of dollars called “bond notes” but these quickly lost their value.

Sweden Restores The Nationalmuseum And Makes It Fit For The 21st Century

The restoration of the Nationalmuseum has been beautifully done to bring it in the 21st century and it can be rated as a world-class national treasure.   The Stockholm venue first opened in 1866, its outdated technology is gone during the 5-year renovation contracted to Swedish architects Gert Wingard and Erik Wikerstal.  It cost $132 million, more of the museum’s collection are on display, improvements include security, fire safety and climate control on par with a modern institution.  there is more sunlight coming by uncovering windows.

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Content- BBC GNEWS, http://www.nytimes

SIWO Reporter: Susanna Dziworshie

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