Which 2 things do you enjoy the most?

Which two things do you enjoy
The most?
Let me share with you
The two things I enjoy the most;
Then you can also share.
The first thing I enjoy the most
Is making people happy;
Whenever I make someone happy,
My heart glows with joy;
And my face beams with happiness;
The second is closely knit
To the first- helping people
Helping people
Realize their dreams;
Even their fondest dreams;
That is at the heart of my life;
Many people have lofty dreams
Which they allow to die;
This should not be;
I derive so much joy from
Inspiring, motivating, and
Encouraging people to muster
The courage necessary
To face and overcome
Whatever challenges
They may find on their way,
To achieve their dreams;
I am passionate about this
Because I believe it’s what
God put me here to do.
Now, to you;
Are you ready to share?
Which two things do you most
Enjoy doing?


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