Pearls of Gentleness and Respect

I love the spirit of this post.

big faith. little city.

Today I was thinking about what happens when you take part in something that becomes a major defining factor of your life, and how people react to that.  I am a Christian, which should be apparent in every part of my life – from the way I speak, to the way I live, to the advice I give.  This brings on a lot of questions.  I’m also losing weight using a keto/Paleo style diet.  This, too, brings on many questions.  While the two lifestyles may seem like they have nothing to do with each other, I can assure you some of the questions are the same.  The biggest common denominator is “Why?”

When you choose to believe something and act on it, you must be prepared to answer people’s questions.  You must also be prepared to witness for your belief.  However, I feel there are a time and a place…

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