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Hello friends, we had a brief break because we had to attend a communication conference in another city. It went successfully. Now, I am back. Let’s get to work.


I enjoyed a story on Boundless blessings blog about respecting the ones you love. It’s a very interesting and teaching story. Often, we pay more attention to those we meet outside than to our family, don’t we? Read Respect the ones you love by one of my favorites on the blogosphete, Kamal.  You will see the need to show more love and pay more attention to your own family members.


As I was  browsing, I found a post on Wisdom Quotes that is worth reading –  350 FAMILY Quotes that will improve your relationship fast. You will love the quotes; and many of them are good to use when writitng or talking about the family. Parents can also use them to teach their children family values. Also, if you are interested in quotes that will change your life, you will find 300 of them on Wisdom Quotes. Please, do well to tap from this treasure chest.


How often do you smile? You will come across people who will want to take away your smile. What should you do?  Jyoti, in her blog, Jyoti the light answers that question in the post Smile. I love the poem.


Many nations are torn apart by division.  What of yours?  And what do we do? In THE LIGHT BREAKS THROUGH blog  Keith Haney helps us find a way out. He takes the example of his own country.   Read ONE NATION UNDER GOD – HEALING RACIAL DIVIDE It was through this site that I got to know big faith Little city and to read the post Pearls of gentleness and respect.  Julee is a very strong Christian. Her faith is what keeps her “moving every minute of every day.” I encourage you to visit big faith little city.


Like every blogger, you want to drive more traffic to your site. That is normal. I am thrilled by 3 MORE ways to drive Traffic to your sales funnel.  I enjoy the post. Burgess GROUP Media offers many Marketing solutions. From this site you will learn a lot about online marketing.  Example What is social Listening? It’s worthwhile visiting.

That is it for today. It was a real pleasure for me.  I hope you enjoyed reading and also that these posts will make a difference in your life.

This was day 11. Look back.

Happy Blogging!




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