The number one is very important

One is by far more important
Than a lot of us know;
One day,
Like one vote;
Like one brick,
Like one coin;
Is important;
You cannot have millions
Of votes
To win an election,
Except by one vote at a time;
365 days make a year;
But we get a year
One day at a time;
We build a mansion;
One brick at a time;
And soon a giant structure
Is looking down in us.
One is so important.
It’s great to be number one.
One is small, yes,
But, also, is great.
Do not minimize one.
You started school in year one;
See where you are today;
You came into the wirld
on day one;
And started life from one:
You have
One father;
One mother;
You started
One day;
One month;
One year.
No one can do without one.



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