How best friends became worst enemies

Do you know some best friends
Who have become the worst enemies?
And do you know how it happened?
They opened the door of their
Hearts, leading to their relationship;
And allowed the devil to come in;
He came in and took full control;
With his powerful weapons of desire,
Greed, lust, passion and temptation;
He pulled them down;
They could not withstand his force;
So headlong they crashed landed;
Today, they are not best friends
But worst enemies.
You have to guard your heart;
Lock the door and safely keep the keys;
The devil is always at work;
Searching for good to turn to bad;
Looking for light to transform
Into darkness;
Hunting for best friends to make enemies;
That is how those best friends
Became the worst enemies.


2 thoughts on “How best friends became worst enemies

  1. But time, experience, highs and lows can unharden the hardest hearts.

    It is hard to remain enemies forever. I think time softens these states. That’s the blessing. The hard part of the lesson is the time lost to enmity. Still, I suppose we learn from it.

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