Be a source of joy

Are you a blessing
Or a curse to others?
Are you a source of sorrow
Or a source of joy?
Do you lift up
Or you put them down?
Are people better
Or worse
Because of you?
Are people happy
Or sad
Because of you?
Are you a delight
Or a sorrow
To others?
Do you help people
Or you make them fail?
Do you open
The way for people
To progress
Or you block
The way for them?
It is good to make others
Happy not sad;
To help people succeed
Not to stand on their way
And block them
From succeeding;
It is good to be
A source of joy
For others,
Not a source of sorrow;
You must be a blessing
Not a curse to others.
People should be happy
Not sad
Because you are there.
Don’t make people frown,
Make them smile;
Don’t make people cry;
Make them laugh.
Don’t be a source of sorrow;
Be a source of joy.


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