If someone you care about…

If someone you care about
Doesn’t pay attention to you,
If someone you extend a hand to
Doesn’t take your hand,
Don’t be angry;
Don’t turn your back
On such an individual;
And don’t draw a negative
That you have been rejected.
You cannot just guess why;
And act on guess work;
It may have nothing to do
With their not liking you;
Not valuing you,
Not respecting you;
Jilting you;
Ignoring you;
Spiting or despising you;
Don’t be surprised
Things could change
For the best tomorrow;
Many are not friends now;
But will be great friends Tomorrow.
Stop jumping to conclusions
When it comes to people;
Or making hasty judgement,
Give time to people;
And go by the rule:
Never give up on anyone.
Keep hoping,
And helping them to be
Excellent people.
You may get exactly
What you want from them
If not today, tomorrow.

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