Where did I go wrong?

Honestly, where did I go wrong?
What did I do or say wrong?
Since I lost her favor,
A day has not passed,
That I have not wondered
And searched my mind,
To find where I went wrong;
She doesn’t say anything to me;
She’s just turned her back
Silently on me;
Doesn’t talk to me;
Doesn’t react to my writings
As before;
Whereas she was among my best;
Don’t you see it’s hard
For me? The strain is clear, and very painful to me;
I used to be her favorite also;
And we would talk for hours;
And laugh from jaw to jaw;
We valued each other’s company;
It was a sweet relationship;
We were both happy;
Then all of a sudden,
And I don’t understand anything,
Dark clouds gathered overheard,
Darkness covered our happiness;
And on it came a downpour of silence, worry and sadness on my part.
I don’t understand;
I really don’t understand.
Where, actually, I went wrong.
Why have we turned our backs
On what looked so beautiful?

It is hard for me to understand.


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