You will never die

Since God created the earth
And placed man and woman on it,
No one has ever died;
You will never die;
Like snakes humans shed their skins;
They do not die,
No one ever dies,
As we understand death to be;
You will live for ever;
You will undergo metamorphosis;
But you will not die;
What happens
When we are said to die
Is like water poured out
Of a container into an ocean,
And the container thrown away;
A human being, the soul,
Leaves the body – the container,
Into the universe,
And the body thrown away;
Yes, we call that death;
Since that is the word
We have coined for it;
But in reality, it is a transition;
When the physical form
Which is temporal, and only a container, is discarded,
From the soul which is eternal;
And the latter is released
Into the eternal realm.
Yes, it is normal to cry
When this happens;
We do miss the loved one,
As we see them no more,
And the loved one misses us also;
But where the loved one goes
Is the best place ever;
The ocean of life,
Into which we will all flow;
And forever live with our eternal Creator.
Death is not the worst thing
That happens to a human being;
Death is the best thing
That ever happens to a human being.
Through death we get into the best form of life;
Where there is no pain;
No labour;
No sorrow;
No stress;
Only peace for ever.
How ironical that we cling to our earthly life so full of pain
And sorrow and pray for it to go on and on,
And fear the sweet life that awaits us in our next world
Which only comes through
What we have named Death!
Fear not what we call death;
It is not a bad thing;
It is the best thing;
As we don’t actually die;
We move on to the best life.



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