An expert who never fails me

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I believe them, but not always,
I really believe them, but not always;
Do you know who I am talking about?
The experts;
I am talking about the experts;
They are good;
They give accurate information;
Accuarate advice;
Dependable facts;
But not always;
Sometimes, they are wrong;
Outrightly wrong;
And in any case, let an expert not tell me
I will fail;
Because, I will not listen to them;
If an expert tells me
I will fail,
I will tell the expert I will succeed;
And I will go ahead and succeed.
That is the controversy;
There is only one person
Who never lies to me;
Who can be trusted fully;
In fact, that I trust with all my heart;
I don’t know whether the fellow
Is an expert or not;
But he never lies to me and never fails me;
That is my inner voice;
If he says follow this expert,
I will, without hesitation;
If he says don’t follow this expert,
I will not follow that expert.
If there is one expert to trust,
That is my inner voice;
I never ignore my inner voice.
Always, I follow my inner voice;
And he always leads me
To the right place at the right time;
And in the right way.

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