You may not be the best but you can do your best

I am not the best;
I am not the worst;
I am between the best
And the worst.
I am not the first;
I am not the last;
I am between the first
And the last.
I am not the most beautiful;
I am not the most ugly;
I am between the most beautiful
And the most ugly.
I am not the fattest;
I am not the thinnest;
I am between the fattest
And the thinnest.
I am not the tallest;
I am not the shortest;
I am between the tallest
And the shortest.
I am always in the middle;
I don’t strive to be the best
Because I will never be.
Yes, I may be the best in one thing,
But what of other things?
Many will beat me.
So, I can never be the best,
No one is the best
We all are in the middle.
But we can do our best.
I won’t try to be the best
But to do my best.
You may not be the best,
But you can do your best.

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