Praise be your holy name!

Oh God, our Heavenly Father,
Glory be your name!
You are our most kind God,
Our God of love and goodness;
Mysterious in your ways
But hard to understand.
You are so deep;so immense;
So unfathomable;
You are far more miraculous
Than anything we know;
What we can only imagine,
You can do;
And with no effort at all;
The best gift to self
Is friendship with you;
We have faith in you;
And trust in your ways;
You are a God of might
And power;
Who can do and undo.
You do what you like
As you like;
When you like.
We count on your love,
O King of glory;
As we go through these
Most difficult times.
Turn to us and show us
Your mercy O great Master;
For you are ever so good.
Praise be your holy name,
Now and forever, Amen!

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