Talking about destiny

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Who believes in destiny?
Do you believe in destiny?
Many believe in destinuy;
Many don’t believe in destiny;
Here, division reigns;
I believe in destiny;
This is my belief about destiny:
We each have many destinies;
Paths set out for us to choose from;
It’s like in a race,you find many tracks;
You are given a number of options
And you are free to choose from;
It is not just one option
That is open to you but many options;
You have the freedom to choose,
But you cannot go beyond the options
That your creator has earmarked for you
To choose from;
One of everybody’s destinies is failure;
Another is success;
Added to these two are other options
To choose from;
Some people have stardom
As one of their options;
Some people have talent;
Some people have family;
Some people have religious life;
Some have Ministry;
Some people have all of these
Destinies to choose from:
Your destiny may give you room
To get a boyfriend from India,
Europe and America,
And you freely choose India.
Haha! This is my take on destiny.
Strange to many people, I know,
But that is how my mind
Is working.
On the subject of destiny.


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