Who says you should not fear?

Who says you should
Not fear?
There are times
You must fear;
You should fear
If the danger is real;
If you see a fire
Ravaging on a hillside;
And you know
You can be roasted
If you jump into it,
You should fear;
It will be foolhardy
If you do not fear;
If you see a lion’s den,
And you know
A lion can devour you;
You should fear;
It will be foolhardy
Not to fear;
If you know bandits
Are on the highway;
And you know
How unscrupulous
They are,
You should fear to run
Into them;
If you don’t,
You are foolhardy;
It’s true there are times
You should not allow fear
To inhibit you;
No one denies fear
Is inhibiting,
It is true we should
Not let fear stop us
From doing the good
We should do,
Or realizing our potential;
But there are times
We must fear;
When the danger is real,
And chances of escaping
Are slim.

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