Your wise council I anxiously await

I need your wise council;
Do not say you are young
And have nothing to tell me;
You are young but wise;
You have a bright mind;
Listen to my plight;
And give me your wisdom;
Moments of fear to me,
Still do come ever so often;
Though I know mighty well
I do not have to fear;
Why is this so that I fear?
When I believe in a God
That is all powerful?
Worries invade my mind;
Yet, I know as best I can,
That I do not have to worry;
Why do I keep worrying?
Look also, how I doubt
What I should not doubt;
I doubt, when I know who I serve;
A living God;
A God so active and fatherly;
A God so loving and caring
And ever so faithful
To those who depend on him;
Him, I have on my side;
Yet, my faith often fails me;
Dancing forward and backwards.
Can’t my faith be solid like a rock?
These are my worries;
Not all my worries;
But some of my worries;
Worries that have taken my mind hostage;
And hard for me
To understand;
I express them that you may know my plight
And give me your wise counsel;
Say something to me, wise one;
I wait to hear from you;
Your wise words of wisdom,
I anxiously await.


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