Happy Diwali, dear reader! 🙂


DAY 68

I sit by myself. Nothing doing. Except reflecting and my motor neurons in action to enable the typing of the waves of wonder. I appreciate doing nothing and I’m not lazy. Laziness becomes a choice. Being lazy is blissful when the rollercoaster knows no bounds… within or around.

My heartbeats sync with the beats from the car’s speakers as it drives by. The night orchestra begins with the chorus of puppies woofing in high swara. 

Nani’s steps resonate with a comforting sense within my overwhelmed Self. I remember I prayed again today for my loved ones’ good health and for those ill, although I may not know them personally. 

I feel a sense of ‘accomplishment’. The first time.. I changed the diaper of my loved one. And no, this is not any fulfilling act align to the ‘mystique feminine’. It is enlightening to my individuality. This ‘accomplishment’ equals…

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A dreamer who is learning to keep her idealism grounded and who never stops dreaming!

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