Make yourself happy

What makes you happy?
Is it the accomplishment
Of your goal?
Have you accomplished
The goal you set
For yourself this day?
And are you happy or unhappy
As you read this?
On some days, you will
Accomplish your goals
For that day;
On some days, you won’t;
That is life;
You can’t expect all days
To be good;
It is easy to be happy
On the days that things
Work out well;
And hard to be happy
On the days that things
Do not work out well.
However, it is possible,
To train yourself
To be happy when the going
Is good,
And when the going is bad.
This is to say,
Happiness is not determined
By what happens to you,
But by how you react
To what happens to you;
If you want to be happy,
Make yourself happy;
Do not wait for
Circumstances to make you
Circumstances will not make
You happy
Unless you allow
To make you happy.
Your happiness depends on you
And on you alone;
Not on circumstances;
Therefore, learn to be happy.


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