How to stop the comparison game

Such an edifying and well written post.

A Miracle Workbook

How many times a day do you compare yourself to somebody else? We meet an old friend or see photos of people we follow on social media and we immediately go through a comparison list in our head: Her hair looks shinier but my style is definitely better… her kids go to a more renowned school, but mine are certainly better-behaved… ooh, she lives in such a beautiful house, I wish I lived there…and everything looks so organized and clean and she´s running her own business at the same time, I wonder when she makes time for all of that… maybe I should be trying harder, I´m probably just wasting my life here… And here we go, in an instant we start doubting our whole existence. Based on what? Based on an edited and retouched image we´ve seen somewhere on the Internet or based on a story that somebody wanted…

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