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The Pressures On Teenagers Demand Structured Help In School For Their Mental Health

It is a serious situation when positivity of the  mind falls away bringing in a darkness that is an assault on their mental health.  Whether it happens immediately after a sudden shock or as a process of post-traumatic stress, it could be life changing if not dealt with.  The pressure of preparing for exams, getting and dealing with the results, experiencing job refusals, unemployment, money worries and unstable relationships that come with growing up can often be too much.  Women have all these and also challenges such as abortions, miscarriages, monthly hormonal changes and society’s emphasis on beauty.

Schools can play a big part in their preparation of teenagers for adult life  in order to prevent the predicted mental health crisis gripping the community.  The usual treatment from GPs is anti-depression drugs, only a small percentage of parents who fight hard for their offspring to receive professional help from counsellors receive it.  The journalist Emily Sheffield who wrote the ‘Comment’ page in the Evening Standard on the subject, felt that even as an adult she had to battle with her GP in order to access human advice and not accept anti-depressant pills.  Together with her health practitioner, they felt and concluded “the effective tools helping me could so easily be taught in schools.  Not just a bit of mindfulness chucked in but seriously and cohesively. School is about preparing us for adult life, educating and flexing that valuable muscle in our head.  It should also be about better understanding how this complex organ, which powers up humanity, can also confuse, misdirect and even devastate. ”

Inspirational Story/Quote

“The Truly Rich Are Those Who Enjoy What They Have.”

A Yiddish Proverb


Content – Evening Standard

SIWO Reporter: Susanna Dziworshie

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