The faults of others

Experience has shown that it is easier to see the faults of others than to see our own faults.

We criticize others for faults that we also have.

We like to blame others but do not like to be blamed.

Many people like others to help them succeed but do not like to help others succeed.

What do you say?



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  1. Yes I too would agree but there is a small cliche that I had noted as well that humans do over exaggerate another person’s fault for their own benefits
    .. Sometime people also fail to keep it as small as it is.. Making mountain of a molehill or trying diversions to benefit is also some people’s ulterior motif… Because we cannot assume that all humans are good… Then i think there would not be so much clash and Jesus need not have undergone the pain he underwent

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  2. It was a willing sacrifice all was planned but it shows there always were a group of people who conspire things.. Cook up stories… I think this is a broad and debatable topic…. We should n must see our faults but also not close our eyes to others merely focusing on us… Or rather we should know ourselves well, our strength and weakness since it helps us to sort a lot of emotions in this world

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  3. There are finer lines which all of us know… N we can often trespass them to put others in difficult situations and knowing those lines is important… N we should definitely not be revengeful… But always find most peaceful and clever ways out of a situation


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