Did you find what is wrong with the young lady?

Were you able to come up with what is wrong with the lady? This is what Witty Thoughts says: ” She might be from those people who are afraid to be in relationship and to fall in love with”.

I don’t know what you think? This might be true; but I can’t say. There are those who think the boys fear her because of her high qualification. Actually, she is highly qualified. Can anyone say something about this? She also comes from a well-to-do family. I hope that is not another reason.

I really expected you to react to this. There are many young ladies who are suffering like this woman and would like to know what is wrong with them. They like to know if the fault is theirs or it is destiny. Maybe you can say a thing which will help her.

If you do not have an opinion, I would like you to tell me if you think what we aredoing is worthwile. Do you think it can help?


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