Do not break your worth

think outside of the box

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To break your word
Is to break your worth;
To break your word
Is to break yourself;
You are worth your word;
If you use violent words;
You are considered
A violent petson;
If you speak words of peace,
You are considered
A peaceful person;
If speak love words,
You are seen to be
A loving person;
If you speak kind words,
You are seen as
A kind person.
But if you say things
And do the opposite,
It is to break your word;
And you will be seen
Not to be a serious person;
Not to be a trustworthy person;
To be a hypocrite.
To be a worthless person;
Your word is your worth;
If you break your word,
You break your worth.
Do not break your worth
By breaking your word.


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