SIWO Global News 20th October 2018 #187

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Mass Street Demonstration by Taiwanese To Protest Against ‘Bullying’ by China

The mass demonstration organised by the two parties  is expected to be attended by tens of thousands Taiwanese because they want their militarily and economically rival and neighbour, China, to know that they will not accept ‘bullying’.  The advocacy group, Formosa Alliance called out citizens of central Taipei and surrounding areas to take to the streets.  Some of the people want to push their Government for more action on China.  The ruling Democratic Progressive party is organising its own protest in southern Taiwan, according to a spokesman.  China is claiming sovereignty over self-ruled Taiwan and says the island will fall under its flag one day, self-rule has been going on since the Chinese civil war in the 1940s.  Taiwan’s President Tsai-Ing wen does not accept any pre-condition of China before talks and has frozen any talks since coming to office in 2016.

People’s Vote March With Up To 700,000 Taking To Central London Streets

Marchers in the People’s Vote brought Central London to a halt when voicing their desire for a people’s vote to take place regarding Brexit.  Organisers reckon 570,000 are in attendance, mainly because the Brexit negotiations with the EU have been hitting obstacles this week.  Train stations in London saw masses of protesters arriving from all over the UK.  Pall Lane had to be closed both southbound and northbound traffic, stewards found the crowd spilling over on to Hyde Park before setting off to Piccadilly and to a mass rally in Parliament Square.

Inspirational Stories/Quote

“Make your life a masterpiece: imagine no limitations on what you can be, have or do.”

by Brian Tracy



SIWO Reporter: Susanna Dziworshie

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