Do not mind them

What you need to face and overcome
The challenges of life and make it big is courage;
And determination and stay-on power; the ability to persist;
I tell you why:
Do you know a lot of people
Spend their time
Looking only at your flaws?
Do you know some people don’t want
To see you succeed?
Do you know some of your friends want
To see you fail?
Do you know there are people who are trying
To pull you down?
Do you know some people celebrate
behind your back
When you fail?
Do you know
Some of those
Who say they love you
Only pretend to love you?
Do you know that
When you turn your back
People say all sorts of
Evil things about you?
These are realities.
But should not bother you;
Should not discourage you;
Should not make you
Bitter or to distrust everyone;
Many are good;
And won’t do such evil.
Thank God for such ones;
And don’t mind those
Who only see the evil side;
Pray for them;
They need prayers.
I encourage you to stay strong;
And keep going;
All cannot be for you;
Thank God for those who are for you
And keep moving;
You will arrive safe and sound;
Your shoulders high.
The rays of the sun
Will bean on you;
And brightly will your light

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